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Our Vision To become a Diversified real estate company on a Global Platform specialized in real estate and development activities in locations where the company identifies an advantage, in order to achieve consistently increasing returns and growth to its Clients, Associates and Investors. We want to mobilize and deliver our vast knowledge to our clients to enable them to make most informed Real Estate decisions.

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We provide the Best Land in Yamuna & Greater Noida 

Acquisition land

Acquisition Land refers to the process of acquiring a piece of land for a specific purpose, such as development or investment. This process typically involves identifying and evaluating potential properties, negotiating the terms of purchase or lease, and completing the transaction.

Residential Plots

Residential plots are often sold or leased by local governments or private entities to individuals or developers for the purpose of building homes or other residential structures. The size of residential plots can vary greatly,

Farming Land

A residential plot refers to a piece of land that is designated and zoned for residential purposes. in areas that are designated for residential use and may be used for the construction of homes, apartments, or other residential buildings

Industrial Plots

An industrial plot typically refers to a piece of land that is zoned for industrial use and is intended for the development of industrial facilities, such as factories, warehouses, or manufacturing plants. These plots are usually located in designated industrial areas,

Semi-Commercial Plots

Semi-commercial plots refer to a piece of land that is designated for both residential and commercial use. These plots are often located in areas that are close to commercial zones or transportation hubs, allowing for both residential and commercial activities to coexist in the same area.

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We strive on delivering qualitative real estate services at the most competitive price. This has earned us high reputation and has helped us get established as a trusted and reliable property consultant. The other factors that have made us the best are:

1. Complete and Accurate knowledge on real estate.

2. Excellent services at the most competitive price.

3. Transparent and customer friendly methods.

4. Numerous contacts with buyers and sellers of properties.

Why invest in Yamuna Expressway?

Spread across 29 kilometres of land and running through the state of Uttar Pradesh, Yamuna Expressway has become one of the most preferred destinations for commercial property investments in India today. This two-way, six-lane highway is set to connect the national capital Delhi with the city of Agra, home to some of India’s most popular monuments such as the Taj Mahal and the Agra Fort. Besides its proximity to these tourist landmarks, there are several other reasons.

Some of India’s most notable cities, including New Delhi, Noida and Greater Noida are connected to National Capital Region (NCR) via Yamuna Expressway. It has excellent connectivity to other major national highways like NH-24, NH-58 and NH-1. The expressway connects many prominent cities like Ghaziabad, Meerut and Agra. Hence it is well connected with prime business hubs like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune.

Noida International Airport

Also, the government is going to acquire the land of below mentioned 27 villages, namely- Dayanat pur, Mukimpur Siwara, Sabota mustafabad, Ramner, Khwajpur, Banwari Bas, thora, Mhabalipur, Dhansiya, Parori, Milak karimabaad, Kanpur, Kheda, Mudrah, Shanpur, Nagla, Kureb, Neemka Shahjahanpur, Bankapur, Dustumpur, Kishorpur, Ali Ahmedpur, Rohi, Ranhera, Sivra, Mahabalipur, Chanchli and Hasanpur

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